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 Rider's Perpetual Troubleshooter's Manuals Contents
(As listed on the covers of the manuals)

Volume I--1920s-late 1930s
Volume II--Late 1930-late 1931
Volume III--Late 1931-late 1932
Volume IV--Late 1932-late 1933
Volume V--Late 1933-late 1934
Volume VI--Late 1934-late 1935
Volume VII--Late 1935-late 1936
Volume VIII--October 1935-October 1937
Volume IX--October 1937-October 1938
Volume X--October 1938-August 1939
Volume XI--August  1939-June 1940
Volume XII--July 1940-April 1941
Volume XIII--Late 1941-early 1942
Volume XIV--Late 1942-1945 (Consumer radios were not made during the war)
Volume XV--1946
Volume XVI--Late 1946-early 1947
Volume XVIm--Misc-Rcd
Volume XVII--1947
Volume XVIII--Late 1947-early 1948
Volume XIX--Late 1948-late 1949
Volume XX--1950 part 1
Volume XXI--1950 part 2
Volume XXII--1951
Volume XXIII--1954